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Your Gateway to the Kickstart Scheme

What is the Scheme?

The scheme has been designed to help young people gain valuable work experience and is fully funded by HM Government.  The job placements created are for six months at 25 hours per week.  Wages are paid at the National Minimum Wage based on the employees age along with funding to cover their NI and Enrolment contributions.

How can I get involved?

A minimum of 30 job placements have to be offered which is great for large employers however to enable small and medium companies get involved employers link up with a Gateway Organisation.  Learning for Hire are acting as a Gateway Organisation and we will help employers every step of the way.

What support will I get?

On top of the wage funding, we help with the process right from the start, job specs, contracts, H&S paperwork and training for the successful candidate to prepare them for work.  We will also provide ongoing support to you as the employer and the employee.

What happens at the end of the placement?

You are not obliged to take on the employee at the end of the six months, however if you chose to keep them on, we can help with further development and training.

What do I need to do next to get involved?

Click here or choose Kickstarter Eligibility from the menu above to complete a quick questionnaire.  There are no trick questions and it will only take a couple of minutes to complete.

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