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Occupational Health Training - that sticks

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Gaining learner engagement for topics that don't hurt on the day can be a challenge. Common responses to doom and gloom / shock and awe training vary but we you will no doubt have heard something like:

"so you are telling me that dust that is that fine I can't see it will shorten my life, really?? it's just dust!!"

"its too late for me anyway, I have been using noisy dusty high vibration tools for 20 years, whats the point in sorting it now?" -

All too often we focus on the topic and knowledge outcomes and not on the learner and the behaviours we would like to influence.

In other words, Joe passed the course, gets the certificate and goes back to long noisy trigger times in clouds of dust a day later. The ambition for all of us has to be identifying and engaging a group of learners on their terms - choosing the right training tool from our tool kits to motivates them into .


Working with our friends at HAVi Technologies we developed training programmes to engage workers supervisors and management teams. Our one down HAV Management Essentials course gained IOSH recognition and certification too.

Construction Dust

We have been working on projects around construction dust management for a number of years. Most training we reviewed did the doom and gloom bit but with no good news i.e. thanks to on-tool LEV and air cleaning technology its easier to manage than ever. We start with harms done, introduce legal duties and limits e.g. EH40 and then controls i.e. how to eliminate or reduce exposure. As with HAVs we offer three stages of training around workers, supervisors and management teams

Noise and MSDs

As with HAVs and dust, we take time to engage learners and deliver training that focuses on how to manage issues rather than just spelling out what harm can occur.

Have a look at our Occupational Health page for further information.

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